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Faureco, looking after wildlife

The project is primarily focussed on joint collaboration between the Centres of Navarre, Gipuzkoa and the Landes in order to promote technical development and raise their community profile, thereby making it possible to offer the greatest possible care to wildlife in difficulty and to make full use of this direct contact to increase the awareness of society in general.

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Wildlife Recovery 
Logos Centres involved 
Centro de recuperación de fauna silvestre de Ilundáin Wildlife Recovery Centre Ilundáin (Navarre, Spain)
Centro de recuperación de fauna silvestre y rescate de fauna exótica Arrano Etxea (Gipuzkoa) Wildlife Recovery Centre and Exotic Fauna rescue centre Arrano Etxea (Gipuzkoa)
Centro de recuperación de fauna silvestre de la Federación de cazadores de Landas Wildlife Recovery Centre Alca Torda of the Hunters' Federation of the Landes (Aquitania, France)
Co-financers of Faureco
Logotipo del Gobierno de Navarra Logotipo de la Diputación  Foral de Guipúzcoa, Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia
Partners of Faureco
Logotipo de Viveros Logotipo Corporación HAZI Korporazioa Logotipo FDCL - Federation Departamentale des Chasseurs des Landes